Hey Fwands! I'm Jalena the face and brain and all in between behind all this bad ass edible art. I'm a stay at home traveling momma of 2 bitty humans who run my entire life. You may see them from time to time on my Youtube channel when they are helping me (or ruining me) in the kitchen.

I started on my cake journey 12 years ago with my sister, back when the business was "Yes Ma'am Sweets From The Kitchen". Back when I thought I had to be the perfect little home baker, frilly apron and all. I thought, that because I wanted to bake cakes that I had to fit the mold of "little miss adorable and perfect"... HA! that's hilarious... you'd find it funny too if you knew me. I am far from little, adorable, and perfect. I have a giant personality, fine as hell (lol, just a little confidence for ya :), and make multiple mistakes on a daily.

Mistakes are where you learn the most. I don't think I would want to do what I do if I couldn't make all the mistakes. That's why I'm always telling y'all "RELAX IT'S JUST FUCKEN CAKE". It's not like we can't start over or fix the mistake. Learn to enjoy it, because the more you stress about it the more it will take over your life and become just another dull 9-5 job. 

Which leads me to my next favorite quote, "BUILD YOUR DREAMS BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE HIRES YOU TO BUILD THEIRS". I am a strong believer in getting up and getting shit done, putting your dreams and goals to fruition. Trust me, I still can't believe that this is my job, to be able to share my artistry with so many of you sugar fanatics. Never did I think cake would take me on such a journey. Going to school for Photography and Graphic Design and earning a Bachelors Of Fine Arts was a huge thrill for me. Thinking that this was going to be the road I took in life. HA! HA! How quickly that changed. 

It was the constant go go go and never quit attitude that allowed me to build what I have now. Now, I'm all about teaching others the fun behind sugar and what you can do with it and what it takes to run your own home bakery business. The power to uplift other woman, especially other mothers is my ultimate goal. 



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