"Build your dreams, before someone else hires you to build theirs."


          HBIC / INFLUENCER 

A             MOVEMENT

HBIC is a movement, a journey, a platform to guide you to a better you in the sweets community. Helping you advance in your confidence in business and skillfulness in edible art. Only you can determine when you've reached Head Bitch In Charge level.

Being a woman & a mother I needed something to give me my own identity. To push my dreams of teaching and creating. I had to go through a number of steps to find myself. HBIC is all about helping other woman find their identity in this sweets community. 

Finding your style of art takes time. To perfect it you have to start from the beginning and work towards furthering your techniques. Adding your own experiences and attitude to your work is what my Hands On classes are all about.  

HBIC is about what it takes to get you to the next level, True failures and True gains of a Baker, being able to take the hits, and learning that “Bitch” is just the term they start to call you when you’ve become Boss status.

2019 is your year. The year to start building yourself up. Nobody is going to hand you a thing, not even a smile. Work and dedication to that work will be the ONLY WAY to bring yourself to the next level. 

I'm holding several classes of all levels, fun pop up workshops, and intimate meet ups and hangouts, because at the end of the day we all need to that time to chill and let loose with no judgment.





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