Cakes & Catrering - More Cake? Yes Ma'am

Custom Cakes, Cupcakes & Other Sweets (Local)

A custom cake is created to fit the theme of your special occasion. Ordering matching cupcakes would just be a sweet plus to the cake. My cakes are designed with unique custom detail. Pricing is based on the number of people being served, the intricacy of the design and the time invested in its creation.

Custom Cake & Cupcake Edible Toppers (Ship Worldwide)

For any occasion I can create a topper to fit your event theme. My toppers are made of “Ready to Use Wilton Fondant” and/or Wilton’s Gumpaste sometimes w/ minimal inside non-toxic & non edible support, such as toothpicks.

I create each cake & cupcake topper to order. They are all special in size and elaborate in detail. Prices vary depending on these factors. To get a better idea of prices please contact me.

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