Each piece of furniture has been hand picked and detailed to keep the charming personality of each. All rentals are based on a minimum 4 hour rental period. You are more then welcome to book the item past the 4 hours. We will deliver the item 45 minutes to an hour prior to your event, that way you have the ability to set up in a timely manner, and then will be retrieved 45 minutes to an hour after your event has completed.

There is an inspection sign off for delivery and pickup. Some furniture has aged with charm, so there may be marks or scratches. We will take photos and we encourage you to take photos at time of drop off to ensure that any prior marks will not be your responsibility. At pickup the item will be inspected, based on drop off photos. (Read Liability & Damage Policy below)

Keep in mind this is a first come first serve basis as we only carry a few or single items.

There is a non-refundable or refundable deposit specified on each rental listing to hold the rental item for the day/s of your event. Refundable deposits will be returned within 2-3 business days after pickup of rental in the same manner in which deposit was paid. Refundable deposits may be withheld only in circumstance were there is damage to the rental items (see Liability & Damage Policy for details). The balance is due 2 weeks prior to event, unless event date is closer in proximity then the balance is due no later then 3 days prior to your event.

There is a minimum $10 delivery charge. Delivery is based on mileage. We serve the Atlanta, Ga surround areas (i.e. Douglasville, College Park, etc…).


If there is damage (damage: any cosmetic or structural change to an item after rental delivery that is not due to normal wear and tear, such as, but not limited to stains, dents, bends, holes, cracks, scratches, tears, marks, broken pieces, missing pieces, water damage, weather damage etc…) to the rental item based on your rental use, you are liable for the replacement or repair cost of such item.

If there is a refundable deposit on your rental items and there has been damage due to your rental use, the deposit will be held till replacement or repair cost of such items has been paid for. You have the option to use your refundable deposit towards the payment of the replacement or repair cost. If the replacement or repair cost is less then the deposit amount, the balance of the refundable deposit will then be returned in the same manner in which it was received.

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