Yes Ma’am specifically plans every detail down to the platter holding the cake pops. The details are what make the decor of an event so special. Whether you want a full bar of sweet goodies or a small section of selected treats, Yes Ma’am ensures your guest will be overwhelmed with sweet joy.

Each event is unique in detail. There are several packages to choose from that will fit your event needs

Why go through the hassle and worry of your event details. You and your guest should be able to enjoy such moments. That’s where I and my team come in. We take care of every detail from putting the water in the table vases, cherries on top of the cake, and the timing of the wedding party walking down the aisle; to name a few.

The packages Yes Ma’am offers are based on certain aspects of your needs. If you’d like a custom package to be created to feature your wants, needs, and budget. Yes Ma’am can certainly accommodate you.

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